Dear Candidate or maybe Future team member

We will be happy to get a letter from you, about you and your skills, about what you have done and the way you have done it, and most importantly, how you are going to continue your career. Provide us with this precious information and it might be your first step to become stronger and make Way2Up stronger as well.

System/Linux Administrator

Hi there! Hope you are fine. As we imagine, you are a Way2Up member with a most serious facial expression. Basically your age is more than the average of the team. It's not a problem at all, it's just your job. Many of the team members do something wrong on the server from time to time and you get very angry. Usually, the guilty one tries to atone his mistake with KitKat, but it doesn't work every time.

If the text above is not about you, but you are in friendly relations with Linux, Apache, Nginx and others from this friend-zone, you always have a chance to convince us otherwise. Let's say - part above is a challenge for you. Waiting for your deals.

Web and Graphic Designer

One of the most independent members of Way2Up staff. A designer is a person, who has the most respect and loyalty to his (but mostly her) work from whole team. That's why this team member should be the most professional one in his/her sphere.

Ideally, you are Lord of Adobe XD, Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, you have a rich and diverse portfolio. You are full of live, always (almost always) in high mood and very smart. In case you are not a lord yet, you can also be some important Angel in Design-heaven.

To cut it short, we are impatiently waiting for your CV.

Vue/Angular/React Developer

Hey, front-end developer, why are you so late? :) We have a lot to do together and there are a lot of new technologies connected with these frameworks, which need to be improved and used. We hope you like at least some of these amazing frameworks, have your own thoughts about which one is better.

We will be happy to see your works, both, as a mobile application and as a website. Try to tell more about the "Best Practices" of these frameworks, which you have used before.

PHP/Laravel Developer

PHP and Laravel are our most used technologies for server side developing. We have exact requirements of knowledge based on the developer's proficiency level. We have exact rules and handwriting of architecture for Laravel. So we expect from you strong basic knowledge of Laravel, the rest we will handle together.

If you send some parts of your Laravel code, links of done projects in addition to your CV and motivation letter, it will be amazing.

Just be Creative

Ready to consider your candidacy

We are always happy to invite a new member to our friendly team. Firstly, we value our team members' personal qualities. It's something like key to our team-life door. The next criterium is the ability and eagerness to move and grow in a right direction. This is an action which is obligatory for everyone at Way2Up. Believe it, if everyone around you is growing, it's much easier to move up with all. As an ideal candidate your passed way would show us that you are be the best choice as a new member for Way2Up. As a successful Team, you will also see our passed way, growing speed and the way we work. Our hiring process consists of an introduction interview with one of the Way2Up founders, after that the technical interview comes, maybe with some test-task or live test questions. To make the process start you need to send your CV and Motivation Letter to Remember, you will not have any other chance to make a first impression. Feel free to tell everything about you, which can approve that you are exactly the one we are looking for.

Above you will find our open positions. If you can't find something you need, just tell us about you, maybe your letter will inspire us to make something new special for you.


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